December 09, 2008

A-2 Farmer's Market #11

Now that the winter has come in for good, the veggies at the market have reduced dramatically. This time when I went in, several of the vendors were gone and only a few were selling veggies. But there were several vendors with beautiful arrangements and wreaths and I spent a lot of time looking through them.


This picture is of the veggies I got from the market last week. And you can see the difference. I made potato & pumpkin sabzi with the pumpkin and the carrots and broccoli went in a couple of different dishes But the one we ate right after coming home was the delicious cranberry and walnut whole wheat bread. :)

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  1. so cool,i wish I have a maket like this here so that I can enjoy organic veggies!

  2. I would also eat that delicious cranberry bread the moment i get home.
    Veggies looks so beautiful.

  3. I love looking at fresh vegetables...the colours are always so soothing :-)

  4. Mandira,
    fresh vegetables diye cooking is always good...
    hugs and smiles

  5. Those carrots look as if they were pulled out right now. I bet they taste much better than those cold stored one hauled out in the grocery stores.

  6. love those fresh veggies:-)

  7. Aren't we just so lucky? The very thought sprung in my mind when I see a photo of fresh vegetables. So lucky.


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