January 25, 2009

Brunch with Friends (and a recipe for tencha)


Filmmaker Paromita Vohra was in town this weekend as part of a series on Indian cities in the global era (link), and we had a chance to chat with her over brunch at our place this morning.

Brunch - rava idlis, shavige bath, crisp dosais, okra sambar, and tencha - of course, extended well into the afternoon with several cups of tea and coffee! Instead of chutney or thikkat meet (spicy gunpowder/milagai pudi), we decided to try what tanjore marathis call tencha - a tangy yogurt-cilantro sauce. It's easy to make and if you ask me, well with just about anything!


1 bunch of Cilantro
2-3 Green chili
1" inch Ginger
1-2 cloves Garlic
1 1/2 cup yogurt

For tempering:
1 tspoon Mustard seeds
1/2 tspoon Urad dal
1 dry red chilli
1 tspoon oil
Salt to taste

Chop cilantro, and grind to a paste with green chilis, ginger, and garlic and salt. Mix it with yogurt and make it to sauce. Now heat oil and temper it with mustard seeds, urad dal and serve.


It went well with both idlis and shavige bath.


  1. thats quite a feast for a brunch!!

  2. I seem to have heard of thecha and I have the impression it's a red, dry-ish chutney. This name is new to me, tho' not the recipe itself. Your brunch looks good.

  3. Wish i was there for the brunch

  4. New to me but was very eye catching. U say it goes with everything? should try then.

  5. Tencha is new. That looks quite a feast Mandira. :-)

  6. Great dip, Mandira. Brunch looks yummy, I bet she enjoyed it all! :))

  7. The tencha looks so good, with yogurt so much better. That is one delightful breakfast.

  8. That rice looks delicious and what a lovely breakfast

  9. Never heard of Tencha! Thanks for sharing. (A whole lot of food on the table is making me hungry )

  10. That sounded like a fun brunch! And fab food too. Love how simple tencha is to make!

  11. How come I was not invited to this scrumptuous brunch? :)

  12. Now, this is such a new name for me, love the recipe. You had quite a feast there :-)

  13. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Hi, enjoyed reading about Tencha. Your platter looks so tempting. I like the green colour of the cilantro in the pic.

  14. it looks too good!

  15. A royal brunch indeed!I envy your guests.

  16. great friends to have over for brunch! I never knew this chutney/ dip is called tencha, I have posted this recently with Idlis, and love the colour and taste:-) It goes with anything, even rotis/parathas/ pakodas etc... I did not use garlic, and did not 'temper' at all..will try this recipe next time

  17. I can virtually taste it over here! hose little idlis are so cute. I really miss them here coz I don't have the idli making device.

  18. Thank you notyet100, Superchef, Sra, Happy Cook, Mallugirl, Sharmila, Asha, Indo, Sandeepa, Soma, Vani, Cynthia, Sunita, Pedatha, SriLekha, Pooh, Shreya, Mallika for your comments. It was fun getting together with friends and eating and talking and gossiping!

    I learnt about tencha through Aswin and my MIL, and have loved it ever since. I even use it as a dip with chicken or fish fry!

  19. Tencha looks just beautiful, Mandira -- like something I could eat with a spoon nevermind idlies or anything else! The whole spread looks and sounds great :)

  20. wow..you r a brilliant. very good . i will sruely try it at home, bcoz am a tanjori too

  21. Visiting your blog for the first time.. lovely collection of recipes.. Techa sounds like something we make in Karnataka called Mosaru Shale sans the tempering!!


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