March 09, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge Challenge

While web browsing I came across an announcement for Eating Down the Fridge Challenge. Till then I had not really thought about what or how many times we eat outside. The best way to find out, I think, is to try it out. So this week I am taking the one-week long challenge - Eating down the Fridge.

No shopping for food items, and no eating outside. Let's see how we do. I will be chronicling our food for a week here. :)


Day 1:
I got up early despite losing and hour, and packed food to get us through the day.

Our lunch: baked salmon, greens and fire-roasted pepper hummus sandwich with whole wheat bread. (Since I had not shopped, bread ran out today.)

Snacks: Apple, Roasted Almonds and cranberries

Dinner was easy. Aswin had already made rasam and avial before. So I just made some brown rice and we had a leisurely dinner :)

Don't forget to come back and see our menu for Day 2.


  1. Am definitely following this Mandira! :-)
    The challenge sounds exciting. :-)

  2. Mandira,
    we dont eat out much, with in-laws moving in and living together, the scenario is different here.We cook at home and outside food is no-no, unless otherwise we feel like going out (that too once a month or any friends party) ....this definitely looks good and keep up with it , cuz its much more healthy option...
    wish you a very happy holi
    hugs and smiles

  3. I'll take months to eat down the fridge - but I'm taking baby steps.

  4. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Wow this sounds very healthy and pocket friendly too. definitely will give it a try. will follow your menu for this week...wish you and Aswin a very happy holi!

  5. Looks like whole day you had healthy food o with the event.

  6. Whole bread/Baked fish/vegetables/ and some nuts and fruits, you've got the essential ! that sounds perfect, healthy, balanced and light! nice initiative!

  7. Read my tomorrow's post. I did this too, well almost! ;D

  8. Mandira -- does this mean no weekly grocery/veggie shopping either ?
    We usually eat out or order out on Sat & Sun, weekdays usually it is home cooked.
    But even with stuff in the freezer, I need to get fresh veggies every week. I am excited to see how you do without.

    BTW tomar baked salmon ta khub bhalo lagche dekhte

  9. Mandira, that is an interesting challenge. Will be watching what you come up with.

  10. I can do for my freezer. I ve plenty of stuff to clean away! That is very tasty ur sandw!

  11. I try to do something like this on a semi-regular basis... Just eat everything that I have... Then start all over... I like your idea of blogging your progress!

  12. This is fun! am following this :)

  13. this sounds like fun,..;-)enjoy,..

  14. thanks all - I am hoping that I will be able to finish the week. It's funny that we are running out of stuff almost every day :)


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