March 10, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge Day 2

So day 1 was easy. As many of you pointed out, we had delicious and healthy food through the day. Sure, there is some planning to do. I am learning that last night's diner makes great lunch dabba the next day. As I write this, I am planning tomorrow's lunch and I think I just came up with a great idea!

Before I digress, let me tell you all about today. I got up again to pack food for the day.


Lunch for Aswin: Leftover rice and avial.
Lunch for me: It was a busy day. So I had non fat yogurt with brown sugar, strawberries (that we got a week ago) and blueberries. I got the blueberries about a week and a half ago. Since then I have been thinking of ways to use it. There is still half box left. Maybe I will make a dessert :)

Snacks: Apple, grapes and roasted almonds.


Dinner: Aswin made dinner today as I worked late on a deadline. I came home to Aswin grumbling that there are probably two more frozen mixed veg packs that we need to use! But there was delicious Tofu, black beans and mixed veg curry with rotis and pickle for dinner. (Pre-made rotis ran out today as we didn't pick them up from the Indian store this week!)


  1. Its great that your husband helps you with dinner :) Mine does chopping, cleaning, kneading and cooking rice but sometimes I wish he'd just do the whole thing!!

  2. :) Great effort, I can see!

  3. Sounds wonderful ... again. :-)
    Love the idea of a light lunch.

  4. Wow you do have such healthy meal the whole day.

  5. Strawberry looks so gud...sounds interesting....waiting for day 3 now ;)

  6. Thats all you had for lunch !!!

  7. Tough challenge to take on, Mandira! And great going so far. Looking forward to see what you come up with the next few days :)

  8. asked hubby to see your blog this week in the hope that he will learn to help around the kitchen.

  9. How could stand with only dessert for lunch :)

  10. thats so great that your husband helps out with coking husband kinda helps me in the prep and cleaning part only..mainly because i dont allow him to cook :D

    way, to go girl!! you are doing good for 2 days now!!

  11. A healthy day, keep up the great work!


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