March 11, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge Day 3

Day 3, we're half-way through Eating down the Fridge. Suddenly I am more aware of food items running out and looking at the stock in the fridge and pantry with fresh eyes. Several of you have commented that we are eating healthy and that is probably true. If we still had bread, I am sure we would have made sandwich with Trader Joe's masala burgers (which are always there is the freezer) and taken that for lunch a couple of days. But, that option is not there this week as we ran out of bread on Day 1. We have to come up with other options. And those options have been fun, and interesting so far!

Plus, I haven't even mentioned the snacks I indulge in with my chai.


What isn't fun was that I heard Chipotle in Ann Arbor was giving away free burritos today. It had to be this week! :( We didn't go there and to treat ourselves, we had a wonderful Moroccan inspired dinner. I marinated chicken breasts with Moroccan spices and made a couscous salad with fresh vegetables (leftover greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, leftover olives, and onions). It was fantastic!

I am sure to make this again, after I restock couscous (we finished it today) :)

So here is how our food day looked like:


Lunch: Quinoa with leftover tofu, black beans curry.

Snacks: Apple, grapes and roasted almonds

Dinner: Couscous salad with grilled chicken.


  1. Hi Mandira n Ashwin

    My name is Meenal.You have a great blog here.I specifically loved this blog post..very innovative:)
    .I also have a blog called Meenal's kitchen .
    Let me know if you would like to exchange links and Happy Holi :))


  2. If you are already running out of stuff then it is indeed going to be challenging. :-)
    I love the snacks you are having ... always healthy. Way to go Mandira! :-)

  3. oh yum, black beans and tofu!! my childhood delicacy. we usually use the fermented black beans.

  4. enjoyin ur marathon,..:-),..nd ya gettin inspire dtoo

  5. I cleaned up atleast 10% of veggies form my fridge and freezer but ran out of bread, milk on the 10th day.(read my post! :D) My goal was not to shop for 14 days!

    You are doing well so far, enjoy! :))

  6. The chicken looks yum! Good going with the clearing out the fridge, Mandira!

  7. Wow i am curious to know what you are going to eat on the last day

  8. you guys are doing really well...3 days and still going strong!!


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