March 12, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge Day 4


Now that the freezer is clearing up, I am discovering things I didn't know existed in the freezer. While pondering over dinner choices, I found a pack of frozen rotis we had bought more than a month ago to try, and then promptly forgot. You can imagine our surprise and pleasure at finding this, almost like we were on a treasure hunt! So the dinner was Baigan bharta (charred eggplant with spices) dal and rotis along with yogurt. Not bad for Day 4, wouldn't you say?

But no pictures of our lunchbox today. We overslept and then hurried to get out of the door on time.

Lunch: Leftover couscous and chicken (and it tastes even better the second day.)

Snacks: grapes, almonds and sweet popcorn

Dinner: Dal, Baigan bharta, rotis and yogurt.

We have a dinner invitation for tomorrow night that was planned before I knew we were participating in this Challenge. So no dinner to cook tomorrow night, but will continue it for Day 6 and Day 7.


  1. I love Bharta! :) And how much do you have!

  2. I'm totally digging that bhurtha, M!

  3. Not bad for day 4 Mandira! A whole balanced meal ... perfect! :-)
    You lucked out on that dinner invi I guess. :-)

  4. Anonymous3:24 AM

    great menu for day 4 I must say. am eagerly awaiting the day 7 menu though :-)

  5. Yeah the roti was a real tresure to find.

  6. Mandira,
    Bhartha looks great yum..tumaar shopping khokhon hobe , ami nail chew korte start korchi ...5 aar 6 day jonne freeze e kicho ache ki na..
    hugs and smiles

  7. and 3 more days to go, courage!!!

  8. bharta looks yumm..good menu for day 4 :)

  9. Delicious, sounds like we all have more options available in the fridge then we would expect at first glance!

  10. I love this challenge because it yields so many unexpected rewards. Leftovers DO taste better the next day and I can't even say how many times we've found things in our freezer we had forgotten were there.

    Keep it up!

    Casual Kitchen

  11. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I dont know about the rotis but the baingan bharta looks so delicious. thanks for sharing!!!


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