March 15, 2009

Eating Down the Fridge: Mission Accomplished!

Eating down the fridge has been an interesting challenge! It forced us to find interesting and creative ways once we ran out of the usual options.

And we discovered things in the fridge and pantry that I had forgotten about. I found bagels for brunch with delicious cheddar and onion omelet. Added to discovered list was bread that was promptly thrown away before it hurt anyone, but also turkey meat balls which made a delicious lunch. I finally used the methi sitting in the fridge to make methi matar malai and ended the week on a high note!

The trying part in the challenge came when we started running dangerously low on milk on day 5 and ran out on day 6. We invited a friend to tea only to realize that we had no milk! We wavered for a bit, but decided to stick with it.

As soon as I finish writing this post, we are going grocery shopping. Can't wait for some fresh greens for a salad.


  1. congratulations!! enjoy the grocery shopping :)

  2. Great job Mandira! I would like to know what did you use for tea finally ... powder or had liquor tea? :-)

  3. Congagulation.
    It was indeed a real challenge.
    I always have milk powder at home :-)

  4. congratulations! I always chicken out in the middle of my challenge - great job!

  5. You did it! Yaayyy!

  6. Mandira,
    congrats and Ok now go for real shopping ,have some good green vegetables and stock up milk before you again start another round of challange ..or may benot!!
    Even I am kind of enjoyed this session much of interesting options to explore na...
    hugs and smiles

  7. :) Good job there! We're trying it this week :D

  8. Congratulations. I'm trying hard at my end!

  9. Thank you all for all your support during this week.

    Sharmila, Happy Cook - we had tea without milk for a day and did serve the same to our friend :)

    Jaya - the fridge is all stocked up again!

    A and N- I am rooting for you :)

  10. dear mandira, i found organic non-fat milk powder in the bins at fred meyer. not the instant variety. they need to be dissolved in hot water. much much creamier and tastier than 1% milk and a great thing to have in the pantry. a bit expensive, but worth it when you run out of milk and need to make tea. adding half a cup to 32 oz 1% milk makes very thick creamy yogurt too.

  11. I think I need to get on this mission ASAP! The kinds of stuff I have in there is scary...but not everything will get finished. Stuff like shrimp paste is going to last me a life time!

  12. hey, have a great shopping!!

  13. Congrats!! i could not do without milk! mu kids!! however empty we go, we go & get milk.

  14. I need to follow your example, I keep buying stuff and now my fridge and freezer runneth over. I have to start cooking from my fridge.

  15. Taking inspiration from you, I have been doing just the same for the past two weeks. I have a lot more things to tackle in my pantry than my fridge. But, as you mentioned, we do run out of milk quickly. So, no shopping except for milk. Oh, and those flowers. How could I leave them? :)

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  17. Mandira,

    what a conscientious cook you are :) Iam super impressed . I have followed the same things later, cooking mostly what my fridge holds and not getting more:)

    @Meenal's kitchen

  18. Bee - thanks so much for the tip. I will definitely look it up.

    Suganya Good luck with the challenge. :)


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