March 02, 2009

Mulor shaak (Radish Greens)


I have been picking up bunches of radish with greens esp from the Farmer's Market. I would use the radish different ways and throw away the greens. But when my parents were here over the summer, they were horrified that I would throw away the greens.

"Eta diye bhalo saag hobe," (this will make delicious greens) my mom said as she rescued one such bunch. And yes, it was delicious with a touch of nuts at the very end! Since then, I always save these greens to make it into this simple dish.

Radish greens - 1 big bunch (or 2 small ones) washed and chopped
Green Chilli - 1
Kalo Jeera
or Nigella seeds - 1/2 tspoon
pinch of turmeric powder
Red Chillies - 1
toasted sliced almonds - 1 tbspoon
Salt to taste
1 tspoon oil

Temper the oil with kalo jeera, and red chilli. Then add in the radish greens, green chilli, and turmeric powder. Let it cook till it is almost done. Add the toasted almonds, let it cook for a couple of minutes and take it off the heat.

It is usually served as a first course in a Bengali household.


  1. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Looks beautiful with the almonds, Mandira. Great way to use the fresh greens! I bet it would be tasty with chard or beet greens, too.

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    ebar grocery gele mulo shaak shudhu niye ashbo! I don't even remember when i stopped cooking these.

  3. this looks delicious. I love my greens, especially spinach and have a few quick recipes I use over weeknights :)

  4. looks like a very simple recipe especially to make during weeknights..i generally love greens but never had radish greens before :)

  5. Mandira, mulor shaak looks very delicious & easy to make. Thanks for sharing this recipe

  6. I have been cooking mulor shaak the rajasthani way for so long (and so don't eat it)... next time kalo jeere diye i banabo Mandira. Am so glad you posted this. :-)

  7. Lovely! I've never used the greens in a radish too. Mebbe its time :)

  8. Nice recipe..Tossing almonds in radish greens sounds great.Will try sometime :)

  9. I love greens like this byt hubby and daughter don't like, so when ever i make it is all for me, lucky me ;-)

  10. Wish I could get some here, love the dish. So yummy to have! :)

  11. Even I would throw them away, until my Mom taught me this :) The nuts are a great idea

  12. seems to be a very healthy entry..

    I am really happy to invite you to participate in the contest that is getting launced on Feb 20 2009 - check out this link for details - contest.

  13. Wow yummy....Healthy and nutritious too...

  14. Looks simple and healthy...will try it out sometime...

  15. We are going to start getting tons of radish greens in our CSA basket in about a month. I'll keep this recipe in mind!

  16. Anonymous1:13 AM

    A big Hi to you Mandira. am new to this blog world but following your blog for quite some time. especially am fond of your one dish meals. This year I had a good harvest of white raddish in my garden. cooked Mulor ghanto, shukto, mulor bara and mulo shak chachori many times. but adding nuts to the greens sound yummy. going to try it next time.

  17. Hello! First time to your blog..
    A quite a novice in the world of blogging.
    Mulo shaag e almonds ta besh novel idea....try kore dekhbo!!

  18. Long time since had this saag....the recipe looks gud and lovely..

  19. I like my spinach just like you've made it there with dhal and rice :)

  20. Although, the recipe has been around for quite sometime, but I stumbled on it just today. Radish greens are also a favorite of mine. Here are a couple of my tupence:
    1) Crackling (phoron) Radhuni (wild celery seeds) is also an option and quite popular - I like it that way.
    2)Radish plants are to be thinned after the initial sowing, the tender plants that are picked up while thinning are the best for this preparation, in fact chopping and adding the very tender radishes to the greens while cooking adds to the taste.

  21. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Hi! I came across this recipe googling "can you eat radish greens?" and the kitchn sent me here.... I bought these beautiful watermelon radishes with tons of greens and it seemed silly to throw them out. luckiest thing ever! this is such an awesome site. not only did you give me a recipe for a delicious dinner (it turned out great) but I was delighted to see you're in ann arbor.... Maybe i'll see you at the farmers market ;). Anyway thanks for all the inspiration, I think I'm going to be cooking tons of your recipes, one after another! - Dee

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  23. Thanks, I'm cooking this up for dinner tonight. I live in New Mexico, but love Indian food thanks to the 20 years I spent in England.

  24. We enjoy them cooked with bacon and onions. I start by cooking the bacon and onions almost to the point the bacon is crunchy. Then adding water for the greens to cook down. Lots of pepper garlic and salt with a lil cavenders. We are going to add shrimp tonight and see how that goes? could be in trash or the next hit. Either way Radish greens are yummy

    1. What a great idea! Food is so versatile. I look forward to hearing how was the shrimp adventure. Thank you for stopping by.


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