April 19, 2009

An Ann Arbor find: Durham's Tracklements and smoked salmon pizza!

This is a different kind of review. This is unsolicited endorsement of one of my favorite places in Ann Arbor: Durham's Tracklements! I stumbled upon this store, and have enjoyed going there ever since. Not to mention the easy friendship with T. R. Durham, who owns the store!

Through TR (as we all call him), I was introduced to smoked fish and meat, and to pairing different fish with varied spices. There is tandoori-spiced salmon which is absolutely fabulous. My other favorites are kippered salmon, Gauri's garam masala mackerel and my own panch phoron mackerel!

TR's smoked fish has won praise from The New York Times, Washington Post and many others, and I can tell you that each and every bite of any fish that you get will be delicious. They ship smoked fish and meat across the world and in the US, selling up to 7 tons of cold smoked salmon in 2007.

TR has recently written a book titled
The Smoked Seafood Cookbook, published by the University of Michigan Press. The book includes many innovative recipes to try (there are recipes by Mario Batali, Sara Moulton among others) as well as detailed notes about the process of smoking.

I was in the store this weekend and sampled some delicious pizza fresh out of the oven. I loved the flavors and told TR I am going to try it at home. Being the generous person that TR is, not only did he give me some delicious kippered salmon, but also all the ingredients that went into the pizza. I made the pizza last night and it was gone in no time (before I could click a picture of the finished pizza).


This picture is of the pizza before I put it in the oven! I used mustard paste, olive oil and white wine vinegar as a first layer, then a layer of caramelized onions. On top of that went the cheese and smoked salmon. After cooking it in oven at 400 deg F for 10 min, I topped it off with some fresh arugula and small lemon skin pieces. It was fantastic!


We enjoyed the rest of the salmon in a fresh salad today along with some pomegranate juice and sparkling water.

Durham's Tracklements
212 East Kingsley Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Wednesday & Friday 10-3
Saturday 8-3 & by appointment
Best selection & Product tastings on Saturdays


  1. slurrp... tandoori-spiced salmon and garam masala mackerel? slurrp.... That pizza looks fabulous! I love smoked salmon in my omelettes.

  2. 7 tons was shipped I can imagine how good those salmons would have tasted... Smoked salmon cookbook shall get it soon... Nice pictures... I can visualize salmon pizza, pom juice and salad all infront of me...

  3. Mmmmm ... yummm ... ar kichui bolte parchi na Mandira! :-)

  4. I love the idea of being friends with local store owners :)

  5. A review that makes me wish I could go to TR and get some of that smoked salmon right away!

  6. Thanks Sig, Ramya, Sharmila, AandN, Cynthia . There are many varieties of smoked fish and meat to choose from at the store. I recently tasted smoked duck and it was fabulous. And, of course, it has been great knowing TR :)

  7. Salmon in pizza sounds delectable!


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