July 08, 2010

Treat from Holland


Recently I met a school friend, who was visiting Ann Arbor, after 19 years. There I've dated myself!

It was nice, talking about school and other friends, not to mention sitting out in the sun, enjoying delicious food from Seva, as music filtered through from a neighboring concert.

She got us goodies from Holland which we've been enjoying. But I've saved some for the World Cup finals. Can I enjoy the chocolate and still support Spain?


  1. It feels great to meet a friend after a long time. the goodies look perfcet to make any sweet lover like me to drool. between love the stroopwafels. I used to have a collegue from Netherland who never missed to woo us with these.

  2. No , you haven't, I thought she came to Ann Arbor after 19 years..start date unknown.

    Lovely goodies

  3. I lived in Ann Arbor! :) Loved it! Got all nostalgic. And I love stroopwafels - mmm. Enjoy! And say hi to zingermann's from me!

  4. Lovely goodies..

  5. Mandira,
    I echo Sandeepa here, I too think I read your friend came to Ann Arbor after 19 years, so relax LOL..and chocolates from holland wow! looks so inviting.
    Nah! I am not that interested in world cup now, my team Argentina got knocked out long ago, sigh!!
    hugs and smiles

  6. Stroopwafels are amazing....love them.


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