June 28, 2011

Mango Rice and 5 years of blogging

My blog turned five! Yes, it's true, I am pinching myself as well because it doesn't feel like it. Well, maybe because the last couple of years have been more sporadic partly because of this little guy who keeps us on our toes. :)

A while cooking
(running towards me to grab the camera)

I have learned so much in the five years. Here's my take of the last 5 years.
1. Experimentation - I've experimented with new cuisines, sometimes only once. I looked through my blog and there are many different recipes I made for an event, but never made them again.
2. New Ingredients - Not only new cuisines, we have adapted new ingredients which are now part of our regular diet. Quinoa, for example, is one of them.
3. Simplicity - One pot meals have been my favorite. And now as Little A tries new things, it's more important than ever.
4. Taking it easy - this was not an easy lesson, but I have learned how to take it easy when I need to. This blog gives me a lot of joy and I intend to keep blogging without stressing too much.
5. Last, but the most important are all of you, who come here even when I am slacking and encourage me. I have made friends, exchanged pictures, and now talk about babies and more with other food bloggers. So friends Thank You!

I started the blog thinking about mangoes, so here is a mango recipe to celebrate the milestone. This is my MIL's mango rice recipe. When she mentioned it, I salivated, almost. I have heard about it so much, I really wanted to try it. Now I know why it's a big hit with everyone.

Mango Rice

2 cups cooked white rice (it shouldn't be mushy)
1 cup raw green mango (grated)
handful of cashews (roasted)
salt to taste

For tempering:
2 tbspoon oil
3/4 tspoon mustard seeds
1 tspoon chana dal/urad dal
2-3 dry red chillies
pinch of asafoetida
5-6 curry leaves - torn
1/2 tspoon grated ginger

Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel and add the mustard seeds. Once they pop, add the chana/urad dal. Then add the red chillis, grated ginger, curry leaves, ginger, and asafoetida. Saute for a minute. Then add the grated mango and cook it for a few minutes Add a few drops of water if needed. Add the roasted cashewnuts, turn off heat and keep aside.

Once it cools a little bit, add the rice and adjust salt to taste.

Mango Rice

Serve hot with raita.

June 08, 2011

Methi Chicken curry

methi chicken curry

We went to our Indian store a couple of months ago and saw a notice "fresh vegetables on Tuesday". Of course, I planned on going to the store every Tuesday but it never happened. When I finally did, I found some fresh okra and a good bunch of methi. For some reason, I had methi chicken curry in mind and proceeded to make it.

Whoever said methi and chicken are made for each other, I completely agree with you. The flavors went really well together and I couldn't help dipping my fingers in the curry and tasting the deliciousness several times. We had it with chapati and the leftovers with rice the next day.

1 1/2 lbs chicken
1 1/2 cups fresh methi leaves - chopped
2 tbspoon ginger garlic paste
1 big onion thinly sliced
1 big tomato
1/2 tspoon turmeric powder
1/2 tspoon chilli powder
1 tspoon cumin seeds
2 green chillies
1/2 cup yogurt
4-5 tbspoon oil
Salt to taste

Spices to grind:
2-3 cloves
1" cinnamon
1/4 tspoon methi seeds
1/2 tspoon coriander seeds
1/2 tspoon cumin seeds

Mix the yogurt and 1 tbspoon ginger garlic paste long with chilli powder and smear it on the chicken. Keep is aside.

Now heat the oil and temper with cumin seeds and green chillies. Then add the ginger garlic paste, and then the onions immediately after. Saute it till the onions start to brown.

Add in the tomatoes, the spice mixture and the turmeric powder. Saute it together till the tomatoes become mushy.

Now add in the chicken pieces and let it all cook together on medium low heat with closed lid. The yogurt will release water. After it starts to dry, add in 1/2 cup water if needed.

When the chicken is about 3/4 done, add in the methi leaves and cook it till you get a nice thick gravy.

methi chicken curry

Serve warm with rice, chapatis or parathas.


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