August 17, 2011

Zucchini dosa rocks!

zucchini dosa

The day I saw the recipe for zucchini dosa on Nupur's blog I got some fresh zucchini's from a colleague's garden. So I was all excited about trying it at home in the evening. Of course, I didn't have all the ingredients, so I improvised and made it quickly for dinner. It was a hit among adults and babies alike. Little A loved it! He ate almost one dosa for dinner and since we are in the process of getting him to eat more by himself, we were thrilled. Thank you Nupur! We've already made it a few times and it comes out great every time.

I followed most of what Nupur said, but I added some mint, no chillies and a little bit pepper and coriander powder instead. I also ended up adding about 1/4 cup water. Now I am a big fan of trying new things with zucchini. Recently, someone told me that they make zucchini brownies. That's what I am trying the next time I get a big batch of zucchinis.

In other news, I am excited about my kitchen garden. We have been getting tomatoes and chillies for little over a month now. The zucchinis are blossoming and the cabbage and broccoli are beginning to form. We had a nice harvest of tomatoes this week, here's a picture.

Weekly produce

And here is how I made the zucchini dosas.

(recipe courtesy Nupur of One Hot Stove)

2 cup zucchinis - shredded
About 4-5 tbspoon rice flour
About 4-5 tbspoon chickpea flour
pinch of fresh ground pepper
1/4 tspoon coriander powder
pinch of turmeric
1/4 onion -grated
big bunch of mint - chopped finely
salt to taste

zucchini dosa
(I can never get a decent round)

Add salt to the zucchini and set it aside for 10-15 minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients and make it into a batter. Add a little bit water if needed to make it into a pancake batter like consistency.

Heat a pan and spoon a ladle and let it cook on low to medium heat. Turn over to cook the other side till brown dots appear.

Zucchini dosa

Serve warm with chutney, or pachadi. We had ours with Beetroot pachadi.

I am also excited to send the Black and White image to Susan at The Well Seasoned Cook for Black and White Wednesdays. A great idea Susan.


  1. Mandira- I am so glad your little boy enjoyed the zucchini dosas- that just makes my day! Thanks for trying the recipe.

  2. Wowww... looks so tempting and delicious.. lovely pictures too :)

  3. I love dosas. I can only imagine how scrummy they are with zucchini.

    Thank you, Mandira, for your mysterious photo for BWW.

  4. Oooh that does look rocking!!

  5. Indeed those dosas rocks..

  6. Thanks will try this :)

  7. A is already eating on his own. wow, kids grow up super fast these days.
    the dosa looks awesome

  8. It doesn't need to be perfectly round ... it looks beautiful as it is

  9. Nupur - thanks so much. This is a regular at our house now.
    Thanks Hari, Susan, Manju, Priya, notyet100, Barbara. Do try when you get a chance.
    BongMom _ i wish I could say that he eats every day by himself. But this was one of the days when he did. :)

  10. you have to be kidding me! This sounds so awesome. got to try this one.

  11. i really like your blog you provide very wonderfull news update thanks for nice sharing.


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