October 12, 2011

Making saffron sandesh on my own

Durga Puja

Shubho Bijoya everyone. How was your dusshera/Navratri/Durga Pujo. Here is a picture from the pujo we went to over the weekend.

Saffron Sandesh
For the pujo prasad, I made some saffron sandesh. The last time I made sandesh was for diwali 3 years ago. My mom was here, and I had plenty of help. This time, I was on my own.

I made chana (cheese) at home by boiling milk and curdling it with lime juice. I hung it in cheese cloth in two batches. And here is what happened. One batch came out well - the chana was smooth. The other one retained a little bit water (I didn't know that at the time), so the sandesh from that batch had small grains (you can see it in the images). The tip I got from my mom - put something heavy on the chana like a pan filled with water. This will help dehydrate the chana completely. I am going to try it next time.

The sandesh tasted great. Everyone including Little A and his little friend at the pujo loved it. After the first one, Little A's friend came up to me and asked for another sweet. I offered her an alternative. "Do you want some strawberries?," I asked. "Does it have sugar in it?," she asked back. "No," I said. "Then I'll just have another sweet," she said and walked away with another sandesh.

Here is how I made it:

2 cups chana (cheese)
1 1/2 cups sugar
good pinch of saffron
5-6 tbspoons warm milk
few roasted almond slivers for decoration

Soak the saffron in the milk and keep it aside. Mix the chana and the sugar really well taking care that there is no lumps. Once it's mixed well, transfer it to a deep botton pan on low medium heat and keep stirring it.
It will loose water first and then start binding together. Keep stirring till it begins to stick together almost like a dough.
Take it off the heat, mix the safrron milk and put it in the processor to make it smooth.
Make small balls, flatten them and put a sliver of almond in the middle.

Saffron Sandesh

 Serve fresh.
sandesh in Black and white

And this is going to Susan's Black and White Wednesdays. Thanks Suasan!


  1. Shubho Bijaya Mandira. the sandesh look great no wonder the kids are a fan of it.

  2. I feel like preparing this :)

  3. Looks so yum..nice pics

  4. Mandira

    Left a comment here from my phone yesterday. Did it go to spam ?

    Anyway as I had already said, the sandesh is really lovely, looks like there is patali in it from the color.
    And A is in brilliant company as I can see :)

  5. Shubho Bijoya Mandira! Sandesh is something am yet try my hand at ... yours look perfect. :-)

  6. They look beautiful!!

  7. Thanks you everyone. The sandesh was gone in a couple of days.

    Shubho Bijoya Sayantani and Sharmila

    BongMom - I checked the spam too, didn't see your comment there. Wonder where it's gone?

  8. Do you think that if I bit into the first one, the shadow would be different? ; ) Seriously, Mandira, I love the shadows. They add drama to your delightful sweets. (Yes, I want a bite.) Thank you for your BWW photo.


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