November 10, 2011

Another Thanjavur marathi recipe - Daangar

Daangar - tanjore marathi

It's not a dagger, it's daangar a tanjore marathi delicacy with a fierce name!
I had heard about it a few times, but never tasted it. This time when my MIL was visiting, I asked her to make some. It's simple and makes for a quick side dish to Tamarind rice, Ambat bhaji. We had ours with Tamarind Pohe (recipe coming). It is also had as a first course to a meal.

The photos are not the best, but I wanted to capture all the steps and get all the titbits that go along with making a recipe as she made it with a 11/2 year old tugging me saying "up" "up" all this time. He wanted to be a part of the conversation too. 

The urad dal flour soaks the excess sourness of the buttermilk and makes it nice and creamy side dish. I think it would go well with parathas as well and intend to try the combination over the weekend.

Here is how to make it:

2-3 tbspoon urad dal - you can get this readymade in Indian stores
1 cup buttermilk ( I used homemade yogurt and water)
4-5 curry leaves
1 red chilli
1/4 tspoon mustard seeds
1/4 tspoon cumin seeds
1/4 tspoon urad dal
pinch of asafoetida
salt to taste
1 tbspoon oil

Daangar - tanjore marathi
Take the urad dal in a bowl and

Daangar - tanjore marathi add the buttermilk till you get a creamy smooth paste with no lumps.

 In a separate pan, heat oil and temper it with asafoetida, red chilli, curry leaves, mustard and cumin seeds and urad dal.

Daangar - tanjore marathi Add it to the urad dal paste, add salt and mix it all together.

It's ready to be eaten!


  1. Interesting recipe ...looks yum

  2. This looks delicious :)

  3. Quite a new dish for me, inviting and interesting..

  4. Very new but sounds and looks very interesting.

  5. Parathas are regular at my place ... would love to try this on the side. I assume the dal is already roasted before grinding it.

  6. First time here..lovely space with mouthwatering recipes and nice clicks..
    Happy to follow you :)

  7. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Nice to see the uprise of the Tanjore Marthi culture and language on different blogs!
    Please do post more TM recipies- many of us are rediscoverting what our grandmothers used to make.

  8. Hi.this is Geetha Sudhakar -Palathope Mylapore.
    For ponni u can add Ginger also which takes care of Gas.
    Kathra mirsinga (more milaga)also adds as a combination for Ambatbaji,Daanger and Kathra mirsinga.Good Luck.

  9. Thanks Geetha for the feedback, I will try to incorporate some ginger the next time.

  10. Daanger Pachadi goes well with Vatha Kuzhambu.

  11. mandira .. i being a deshasta , its really nice reading ur blog ..!
    daanger , not danger :P being comically spelt is one among our favorites..

    p.s today im having sappak pitla..!

  12. Ragav7:31 AM

    Daangar Pachadi is very well know among Tamil Smartha Brahmins.

  13. Nice food collection,

    Thanks for posting such useful recipes tips.

    If you want to post some guest post on Marathi recipes
    please contact us.

    Thanks and regards

  14. Anonymous10:19 AM

    My Amma prepares daangar with readymade urad dal flour. V also add a bit of haldi to the phodni so that it gets a light yellow colour. It can be prepared in a jiffy


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