February 29, 2012

Oven baked Kale Chips

kale chips

What do you do when you get an extra day in February? Bake kale chips of course.  I have been hearing about it, seeing it on TEDX talk and on blogs, etc. so I took the leap and baked some kale chips.

Through trial and error I learned that the best temperature to bake the chips is not high, rather low and slow. I started with 350deg F and end up with 260 deg F.  By the time the kale is cooked, the water is gone and kale is crunchy, salty and oh so light. I feel I should warn you that it is addictive and no matter what time of day it is made, you cannot stop eating it. I had mine with a glass of wine after dinner today and the combination was ah so good!

kale chips

 The real investment in this recipe is time depending on what temperature you bake the kale.

Big bunch of kale (I used 1/2 of Trader Joes's precut kale)
1/4 salt (I added Himalayan pink salt)
dash of fresh black pepper
2 tbspoon olive oil

Heat the oven to 260deg F. Clean the kale taking away thick stems and making sure that the leaves are dry.

kale chips

 Mix the kale with olive oil, salt and pepper and put the kale in a cookie sheet. Cook it for 15 min, take it out and turn it around. Put it back in the over for another 12-14 minutes till the kale leaves just crush nicely between your fingers.



  1. This is wonderful Mandira! Do you think I can try this spinach? I won't get kale here.

  2. I had seen it in some blogs also. Now that you say it, maybe I will try. Your way of roasting B.squash is now the norm in our house.

    Spinach leaves onek norom, Kale er pata ektu tough hoy.

  3. @ Sharmila, Like Bong Mom said, not sure about the spinach. It may not be able to crunch up and keep it's shape.

    @Bong Mom, try koro crunchy and munchy!

  4. irst time here ... glad to follow you ... very yummy new to me will try this

  5. Thanks Sandeepa and Mandira.

  6. lovely chips... have to try it...

  7. Anonymous6:31 PM

    These were awesome...even the hubs slammed into them!


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