May 10, 2012

Aloo Potol diye Chingri Macher Jhol (Bengali Shrimp Curry)

Bengali shrimp curry

Aswin is allergic to shrimps and that means that I stopped getting shrimp home for cooking about 3 years ago. I used to before we found out. The last time I bought shrimp was when I was pregnant with Lil A. I went through a phase of craving for shrimp and sharshe bata chingri mach. I would get shrimp, cook it, eat it all in one go. :)

Now that my parents are visiting, I have started getting shrimp again. We still try to finish it all in one session and be careful about spoons etc. It is more fun eating it together rather than consuming it all by myself.

My father recently made a old favorite that we grew up eating. Aloo Potol diye Chingri Macher Jhol or Shrimp curry with Potato and Pointed gourd curry. I saw some fresh parwal/potol in the Indian store and got some immediately.

The curry reminds me of my childhood when we would spend summer vacation at my grandparents and would spend most of the time with cousins playing and chatting. Outside in the morning and inside for the afternoon. No worries, no homework and no early nights to think about, just play, eat and sleep.

My father who made the jhol also talks about the making in this short podcast.

Bengali shrimp curry

12- 14 Raw and deveined shrimp 
4 medium Aloo/Potato - cut in small cubes
5 medium Patal/Parwal/ Pointed gourd - cut it into 2 - 3 pieces
1 Tomato -pureed
2 Green chillies
1 tspoon grated ginger
2 Dry red chillies
1 tspoon coriander powder
1 tspoon cumin seed powder
1/4 tspoon asafoetida   
1/4 tspoon turmeric powder
1/4 tspoon garam masala powder
1/2 tspoon ghee
3/4 tspoon kalo jeere
5-6 tbspoon oil
salt to taste
21/2 cups water
Rub the shrimp with salt and turmeric powder and keep it aside for 10-15 min. Then shallow fry the shrimp in 2-3 tbspoon oil till it starts to turn orange. Shallow fry the potatoes next for 3-4 minutes and then the potol/parval. 

Put the rest of the oil in a sauce pan and temper it with the kalo jeera, red and green chillies.  Then add the pureed tomato and saute for a minute. Add the coriander and cumin seed powder next. Then add the asafoetida and turmeric powder and let it cook together till the oil separates. Now add ginger and cook for another minute.

Add 21/2 cups of water and salt and close the lid. When the gravy/jhol starts to boil, add shrimp, potato,and patal/parwal. Cook for 8-10 minutes till potato is cooked.

Add ghee and garam masala. Check the gravy thickness and take it off the heat.

Bengali shrimp curry

Serve hot with rice.


  1. Nice gravy ....looks yum ..perfect with rice

  2. Mandira,
    Amar DH O allergic to I have stopped getting them home..sodhu eka-eka khete mote bhalo lagey na, and amaar meye bhalo bhase kinto boley baba na khele amio khabo na :-)...r eyi potol diye besh moshla deba chingri mach dekhe besh lobh lagche..darun lagche..hugs and smiles

    1. Thanks Jaya, yeah it's no fun cooking the fish and finishing it all by myself. Baba ke dekhalam tomar comment ta :)

  3. and really liked the podcast..two thumbs up for that..hugs

  4. Ultimate Comfort food. I dont think there exists any vegetable jate chingri chole na. Choto belai amra jeje sobji khete refuse kortam, Ma shei gulo te chingri diye banato, like the dvine Lau-chingri, Alu-potoler dalna with chingri, potoler dorma with narkol and kuncho chingri bata... list is endless. My fav were chingri bati choccori and ekta patla chinrir jhol piyaz bata diye korto Ma, with big chunks of Alu and kumro. Gorom bhaat diye.... uffffff khide peye gelo!!! But lat 4-5 dhore amar bhishon allergy hocche chingri khele. Tai ogotta tyag diyeche... :'( Tomar post brought back nostalgic times... thanks and loved the podcast. Amar parents ra ele ami tomar ei concept ta copy korbo... plz ekhon e bolo, copyright issues aache kina!

    1. Alu aar kumro idea ta bhalo, try korbo. Sure, try the podcast with your parents.

  5. Alu-Potol diye chingri is a favorite of mine as is alu-kopi chingri. And the curry looks so good with the rice that I am already hungry

    1. Amar list e next alu-kopi chingri :)

  6. That is one good looking curry. I am not familiar with potol but potato and shrimp seal the deal for me.

    1. Potol or parwal is a lot like tindora but bigger. Try the curry Indo, I loved it!

  7. ish koto din hoye gelo potol khai na ami....tomar motoi amar anek choto belakar smriti joriye ache aloo potol er danla ar songe, ar majhe majhe tate chingri maach porle to kothai ee neyi....tomar Baba ar gola pod cast ee shune khub bhalo laglo :-)

    1. Satti, amadaer store e ei natun esheche. Tai amar maja :) Baba ke tomar comment ta dekhiechi, he's thrilled.

  8. Anonymous3:13 PM

    Wow very nice. Halka kore jhol besh bhalo legeche. Baba maa ke khayye diye chee, aar shob pet bhore khayee ghumiye poreche :) Thank you :)

  9. Daruuun priyo...akta khub sundar gondho beroe..khoar seshe batio chete chete sesh....khub sundar hoyeche


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