January 03, 2013

Tanjore Marathi recipe - Thona Thona

Thona thona

Happy new 2013 to all of you my dear friends, bloggers and readers! I am looking forward to a brand new year waiting to be filled with new recipes, adventures and other delicious memories. I haven't made any new resolutions for this year, other than being mindful of everything around me and knowing that life can't always be planned, but to take it with all that it has to offer. 

The last month was busy with the little ones. But over the break we traveled to get away from it all. It was our first road trip with two little ones - one newly potty trained. Thankfully it went well, without any incidents. In Chicago, Lil A and Tiny M were cuddled and spoiled by uncles and aunts, they played with their cousins and enjoyed the gifts Santa brought for them. 

I also tasted some new food, this being one of them. I had it in Aswin's cousin Ramya's house and it was so delicious; must have had at least 3 servings. Thona thona (a is silent in the first word and Th is pronounced as T in Tank) is a Tanjore Marathi dish and the word means a chatterbox. 

I was so taken by this recipe, that I immediately asked MIL to help me make it at home and get the recipe down. We had it again for the New Year's day. I am however curious about why it's called Thona thona. Please let me a comment if you know. 

I made it with spinach but you can make it with other greens like methi as well.

1 1/2  cups spinach
1 cup yogurt
1/4 tspoon turmeric powder
2 tbspoon frozen coconut
salt to taste

To soak:
1  1/2 tspoon chana dal (bengal gram)
1/2 tspoon toor dal (pigeon pea)
2 green chillies (increase or decrease as per taste)
1/2 " ginger
1 tspoon cumin seeds
1 tspoon coriander seeds

For tadka/tempering:
Pinch of asafoetida
3-4 curry leaves
2/3 tspoon mustard seeds
1 tbspoon oil

Soak chana dal, toor dal, chillies, ginger, cumin seeds and coriander seeds for 30-40 minutes. Set it aside.

In the meantime, clean the spinach leaves and cook it in 1 cup water with some salt. Once cooked,  mash it and keep it aside.

Take all the ingredients soaking and grind it to a fine paste with the coconut.

Add 1 cup water to the yogurt and make it into a thick buttermilk. It tastes best if the yogurt is a little sour. Now add turmeric powder to the yogurt. And then add the ground mix along with the spinach leaves to the yogurt and mix it well.

Now cook it on on low heat till it just comes to boil and then remove it from heat.

Heat oil in a small pan and temper it with asafoetida, curry leaves and mustard seeds. Add it to kadhi.

Thona thona

Serve warm with rice.

Here is another Tanjore Marathi kadhi I blogged a few years ago - okra kadhi.


  1. Happy new year . This recipe looks delicious. People who are avoiding heavy and oily food on new year can try this dish..

  2. A very happy new year to you and Aswin dear Mandira! Love and blessing to lil A and M. :-)
    This is indeed a very new dish to me ... would love to try it out. Banglar 'thon thon' word ta mone pore gelo. :-)

    1. Thanks Sharmila, and the same to you too.

  3. Hi Mandira, Happy New Year! This kadhi looks awesome. Sounds like your life is going to be much easier, we're one down one to go with the nappies... here's to a happy and healthy 2013 for all of you.

    1. It does get easier with one in nappies, isn't it?

  4. Have to try this one.... Looks interesting!

  5. A happy new year to you Mandira, hugs to yoru lil ones...recipe sounds interesting..

    1. Thanks Sri, happy new year to you too!

  6. A very Happy New Year to you guys Mandira. Love the word, so it is "Thon Thona " ? Is it a "Th" as in Thackeray ? I make a spinach kadhi and we all love it, I can see that this will be better with the additional spices.

    1. Thanks Sandeepa. The Th is pronounced as T in Tank. Do try, the coconut adds a nice creaminess to the dish.

  7. Dear Mandira
    How are you? Now I have internet to visit sites and read great recipes. Wao..! this is a great recipe and very new for me. I must give a try soon!
    Have nice week

    1. Thanks Ushnish da, happy new year to you too.

  8. Hi Mandira, happy new year! I don't know why it's called Thona Thona but in the Pedatha cookbook of mostly Telugu recipes, there is a recipe for this dish - the photo looks very much like yours - and she says it's known in her family by that name.

    1. Thanks for the pointer Sra. I may have to check out her book to see if there is any more info. It's a Tanjore marathi dish, probably made across the different regions with small variations.

  9. thanks nice information i read all post i like marathi recipes

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Really nice recipe, will surely try this one.

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