June 18, 2013

Mango popsicles for summer

Lil A's new favorite is ice-cream and Popsicle! He demands one every day now. Considering that he wouldn't even eat ice-cream till he was almost 2, this is quite a turn-around. When we ran out of his recent stock, I casually mentioned to him that we should make some popsicle at home. I shouldn't have, or at least I shouldn't have till I had all the ingredients to make it right then!

For the next two weeks he asked me, much like the 'Are we there yet?'Verizon guy, "when are we making the popsicle?" He planted this bug in my head. I became all excited about trying to make popsicles at home. I ordered the mold and set to work with him one Friday afternoon and we had popsicles ready by the time we went for a playdate with Nina.

The evening was well-spent in the company of mango popsicles. Nina, her brother, and parents and all of us enjoyed our very own homemade mango popsicles.

The last one was shared the next day by Aswin, Lil A and me. Lil A was so excited about getting his turn that he would yell "to me, to me," instead of "me too, me too."

We are already planning colors and flavors for the next round. I can see a tasty summer before us.

(makes 10 popsicles)
2 1/2 mangoes - I used fresh Indian mangoes, you can also use frozen mangoes
1 cup whole milk
1/2 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup condensed milk

Mango popsicles
Cut and chop all the mangoes

Mango popsicles
Add them in the blender and make it a smooth paste or a chunky one depending on your taste.

Mango popsicles
Put them in the mold and freeze it for atleast 5-6 hours. Overnight is better.

Mango popsicles
Run the mold under cold water (no hot water) until the sticks loosen. Enjoy the taste of summer!


  1. Love to relish a popsicle rite now..

  2. eyi baar amar O khete iche korche :-). Garam'er chotti hoye geche bodhaye okhane..hugs

  3. I am so making this. Love


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