July 22, 2013

Winner of the giveaway

Yay, I have a giveaway winner! I am thrilled that the event received all the attention from my readers and so many friends and bloggers dropped by to wish Ahaar. I am truly touched!

So let's get to how the winner was chosen for the giveaway.

1. First I entered all the comments in the order they had left their comment on the blog in a spreadsheet with the number for each comment.

2. There were also some comments on Facebook, so I added them in the sheet.

Ahaar giveaway
There are about 35 numbers/ commentors.

Then I went to random.org and entered the numbers with Min=and Max=35 and hit Generate. The random number thus generated was 24.

Ahaar giveaway
The person corresponding to number 24 is Rima Sengupta. Drumroll!

Rima, I don't have a e-mail address for you. Please leave a comment with your e-mail or drop me a line at: ahaarmail@gmail.com so I can arrange to send you the goodies. I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you for playing and I hope you will continue to visit.


  1. Congrats to Rima! I had to stop, Mandira, to tell you that I am working my way back in time and your sabudana vada of last summer has me seriously craving some....... :)

    1. Thanks Linda, so good to see you back in action. :)

  2. I love how organized you were with this giveaway!

    1. Thanks, now waiting for Rima to respond :)

  3. Hi Mandira,

    Delighted to be selected..:-)
    My email id is rimasengupta@gmail.com


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