January 01, 2014

Israeli couscous with caramelized onions and tales from our travels

Atlanta travelsHappy New Year friends! Another year has flown by, countless meals, and travels and adventures have been completed and we are ready to embark on new journeys, new menus are being planned and games are being designed.

We took a road trip and went to Atlanta for our winter vacation this year. We almost didn't make the trip with both kids being sick. But then we did and we are so glad we did. The kids recovered quickly and had a lot of fun exploring the new city, and aquariums, science museum and more. The kids even got to play in playground, a luxury for Michiganians. We met with friends and Aswin's old advisor in Athens, GA.

Atlanta travels

We ate out during the day but it was wonderful to come to the vacation rental and make a home cooked meal for all of us in the evening.

Visiting NupurAnother highlight was meeting Nupur from One Hot Stove. We went for an afternoon chai to her house and it was wonderful to meet her family. The kids ate all the treats and then played together while we chatted. We went home with beautiful hats for kids and snacks and chocolate for us. Thank you Nupur!

Here is a new recipe for the new year. Israeli couscous with caramelized onions and veggies and has it with baked tilapia fish. I have been experimenting with different grains for Tiny M as he is not longer interested in mushy food. He took a few bites and seemed to like the texture

Here is a how I made the couscous.

1 cup Israeli couscous
1/2 onion - finely chopped
1 garlic clove - finely chopped
1 green chilli
2 curry leaves
1/4 tspoon cumin seeds
1/2 carrot finely chopped
1/2 green pepper - finely chopped
handful of peas
2 tbspoon oil
salt to taste
1/4 tspoon black pepper freshly ground
1/4 tspoon coriander powder
3 1/2 cups vegetable broth
1/2 cup water
1/4 cucumber - finely chopped
handful cilantro

Israeli couscous with caramelized onions & veggies
Heat oil in a pan and temper it with cumin seeds, green chilli and curry leaves. After a minute add the onions and garlic. Let it saute for a couple of minutes till the onions caramelize.

Israeli couscous with caramelized onions & veggies
Add the carrots, peppers, and peas and let it cook for another minute. Then add the salt, coriander powder, and black pepper and cook it on closed lid for 3-4 minutes till the veggies start to turn soft.

Israeli couscous with caramelized onions & veggies
In another pan, bring the vegetable broth to boil and then add the couscous and let it cook for 8-10 minutes till it soaks all the broth and is soft.

Add the couscous to the veggies and let it cook for another minute till it all mixes well.

Take it off the heat and let it cook for 2-3 minutes. Then add the fresh cucumber and cilantro and mix it and serve hot.

We had ours with baked tilapia. I will post the recipe in the next post.
Israeli couscous with caramelized onions & veggies

Have a wonderful year ahead with good food, good friends and good cheer. Happy New Year!


  1. It was wonderful of you to come by in spite of a tight schedule and hope next time you'll stay over!

    1. Thanks for having us over Nupur, it was lovely to meet all of you.

  2. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Lovely Post! We love using Israeli cous cous too. It's a type of pasta, not a grain.

    1. Thank you, you are right. I will make the change right away.

  3. Happy new year, and happy to hear you all had a wonderful holiday. I should google to see what the difference is here when i make couscous they are very tiny and thes look more bigger.

    1. Hi Finla, we did. This is called israeli couscous and is a little bigger than couscous.

  4. Happy New Year Mandira and family! I wish I could stay but I have to hurry to read your previous post which seemed to say something about idli from scratch!?? :):)

    All the best as always :)

    1. Thanks Linda, to you too. Let me know if you make it.

  5. Happy new year, Mandira!

  6. Happy New Year Mandira! Wishing you a fantastic year ahead

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