January 16, 2014

Orangey Apple turnovers in puff pastry and new year resolutions

Apple pastry

It's been two weeks into the new year and we have already survived a huge amount of snow and the polar vortex that came our way.

Before the storm and the cold engulfed us, Lil A had a great time making a snow man and sticking a carrot for his nose and took one of Tiny M's cap for the snowman.

Have you made any resolutions for the new year? I didn't make any for last year, but for this year I did make one. Of making small changes for healthy, nutritious meals and being more conscious of fresh flavors. Here is an example: so I would buy cumin and coriander powder from the Indian store. I no longer do that. Instead I grind a small amount and use it for a week or two and then grind some more.

Freezing dalIn addition, I am prepping some during the weekend so we are eating home cooked meals at the end of the day. One of the easiest thing to do is to boil some dal/lentils, and beans and keeping them in small packs. It's easy to thaw and make a hot bowl and some fresh rice to go with it.

This year I received a copy of Great British Bake Off cookbook and it has so many interesting recipes. I recently tweaked their apple turnovers and made it for brunch with friends. The apples tasted great with the orangey maple flavor. I didn't have puff pastry and tried it in phyllo dough, but I do want to try it with puff pastry. I will certainly post pictures here when I do.

(adapted from Great British Bake Off, makes about 12)
2 small apples - peeled and cubed
1/2 orange juice and zest
1 1/2 tbspoon maple syrup
1/2 tspoon brown sugar
1/4 cup water
1/2 roll of puff pastry or phyllo pastry (I used store bought sheet, thawed and cut in half)

Apple pastry
Heat a pan and add the apples with maple syrup, sugar and water. Once the water is boiling bring is to low medium heat, add the orange juice and zest and let it cook till the apples are soft and the water has disappeared. Set aside and let it cool.

Heat the over to 400deg F and take out the phyllo pastry sheet. Make small rectangles/squares.

Add about a small tspoon of apples in the middle. Take some cold water in a bowl and dip a finger in water and line is around the edges of the pastry. Close it tightly.

Apple pastry
Set the pastry on a tray and let it cool for 30 minutes in the fridge.

Take out and cook at 400 deg for 10-12 minutes.

Apple pastry
In the meantime, heat a t-spoon of maple syrup and sugar in a bowl till it is a thick syrup. Brush the turnovers with it and serve warm.


  1. Ki shundor layers dekha jacche pastry gulor! Love the photos.
    No resolutions :)
    Oi prepping e ami week e ekdin onek jinish soak kore rakhi ... like sabudana, whole moong and chana for sprouting, some mixed dals to grind and make a batter for weekend breakfasts, etc.
    Try korte paro ... helps. :)

  2. Hi Mandira, blogger kicked me out the first time so hope this makes it, forgive me if there is a double comment. Kudos to you for working with that puff pastry! The turnovers look great :)

    I'm interested to hear you say cooked dal freezes well -- I've always been afraid to try that but now I will!

  3. Mandira- are you sure that's puff pastry? Looks more like filo (phyllo) dough from the pictures. In any case, the turnovers look fantastic!

  4. My new year resolution this year to say to myself every single day - "I refuse to give up!". It has worked for two weeks now and hopefully it does in future too. :-). Try dry roasting coriander and cumins seeds separately, cool and grind. The smoky flavor is just irresitible. I used to buy store bought packets while in US. Now, in India I have started to make homemade.

  5. Best of wishes for a new year Mandira...loved the vacation post and these looks delicious, great for brunch or just for a quick go ...hugs and smiles


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