August 18, 2014

Ridge Gourd and coconut salad and tales of India travels

Hello friends! We are back from our India travels. It was a hectic month traveling with both kids to India for the first time.

We spent time in Bangalore and Delhi for most parts. Then, we did little trips to Mysore and Rishikesh. It was a month of visiting friends, spending time with family and of course eating. Before we knew, a month had flown by and we are back in the US.

2014 india visitThere is no doubt that one of the big highlights of the trip is that we got to eat Indian mangoes. Both the kids and us devoured all the different mangoes that were available.

The choices were immense. There was langda, dusheri, chausa, banganpalli, sindoori and many little ones for which I cannot recollect the names. Oh it was just delicious! Sweet as sugar, the kids loved it. We probably had one if not more everyday!

2014 india visit During our travel we also had a chance to savor local, traditional meals and thalis whether it was North Karnataka thali or a vegetarian thali at the famous "Chotiwala" restaurant in Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.

There will be a separate post on my India travels. In this post I want to talk about all the good homemade food I ate. Delicious, simple, or complicated, they were made with so much love for us. Rice rava upma, mirchi ka salan, katla macher jhol, multigrain dosa, mishti aamer achar (sweet mango pickle) are just some of them.

Ridgegourd & coconut salad
I also ate this delicious ridge gourd and coconut salad that was speckled with pomegranate and peanuts. You can easily substitute ridge gourd with zucchini or even cucumber. I can bet this will be the star of any dinner.

Here is how to do it.

1 ridge gourd - chopped thinly into small pieces
1/2 cup fresh cocunut - sliced thinly into small pieces
1/4 cup pomegranate seeds
1/4 cup toasted almonds - sliced
1 tbspoon lemon juice
1/4 tspoon fresh ground black pepper
salt to taste

Mix the ridge gourd and coconut pieces together. Sprinkle the lemon juice, salt and pepper and keep it aside for 30 minutes. Just before serving add the pomegranate seeds and almonds/peanuts and serve immediately.
Ridgegourd & coconut salad

We ate ours with vegetable makhani, dal and mirchi ka salan.


  1. Oh no, you beat me to this gourd salad, Mandira! I've been wanting to experiment with it but never got down to doing it. It looks so pretty! I never thought of adding pomegranate, though.

  2. Back already! Must have been a whirlwind of a vacation. Eyi salad ta ekdom notun ... ridge gourd ta ki kaancha? Try korbo.

    1. Ridge gourd holo turai or jhinge. Natun aar darun hoyechilo. Try koro.

  3. Hi Mandira, long time no see! As soon as I read cucumber can substitute, I was on board for this salad. I have a ridge gourd plant out back, but it's not giving up any fruit yet. Cucumbers we have! Looking forward to catching up here -- all the best!

    1. Linda, so good to see you here. Tell me how the salad turns out for you.

  4. Umm can imagine the taste of the salad


  5. hey love the post ! and great articles and congrates on reaching the top sites,.............i will be back visit to often.



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