October 29, 2014

Decadent chire bhaja with chocolate, almonds and tart cherries

Decadent chire bhaja

Hope it is not too late to wish everyone Happy Diwali. Hope you had a wonderful festive season with lots of joy, time with friends and family and delicious food.

Lil A is has a Diwali celebration at school and since it will probably will be the only time he is celebrating it in school, he is quite excited. The teachers mentioned that there will be diya painting, mehendi, bollywood dancing and food.

I have signed up to take rasgullas and mini idlis to share with his class, and will be sure to report back on the festivities that happen there.

Today, I have a new twist to the Bengali staple Chire bhaja (flattened rice). My mother used to make the savory version during each festival with peanut, curry leaves and salt and pepper.

This year I dcided to shake things up a bit and make a salty and sweet version. So went in chocolate, tart cherries and some chutney spiced almonds along with chola bhaja. It tasted pretty amazing, if I can say so myself.

I was a little zealous and mixed in the chocolate before the chire had cooled completely so the chocolate melted slightly and formed clumps of chire which tasted heavenly.

1lb chire/pohe/flattened rice
1/2 cup chocolate pieces
1/4 cup roasted almonds
1/4 cup tart cherries
1/4 cup chola bhaja (roasted chickpeas)

Take a wok and heat about 1/2 cup oil in it till it is quite hot. Not add half the chire and watch it puff up immediately. Take it off the heat and set it on a paper towel. Do another batch.

Let the rice cool and now mix it with chocolate, almonds, cherries and chola bhaja.

Decadent chire bhaja
It's ready to eat. Enjoy!


  1. Happy Diwali Mandira! This indeed is a lovely variation of our good ole chire bhaja. Ami ebaar Diwali te eyi bhabe deep fried chire bhaja korechilam but had them with just a sprinkle of salt and a good amount of pepper and peanuts. Eta ekbaar korbo. Bhabchi choco chips are cherries pabo na tai tar bodole ektu kishmish diye debo. :-)

  2. Thanks Sharmila. Hain, try koro, the kids also enjoyed this twist :)


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