December 19, 2014

No bake mouse cookies

Mouse cookies

This Fall Lil A got into ninjas, he started doing moves, and wanted to learn karate. That led us to enrolling him in a little Ninja karate class.

While he was a little unsure in the beginning as the months have gone by, he has become more and more comfortable. Lil A enjoys wearing his uniform and going to his class. They do little karate, then play games and have a little chat. We've learned ninja dodge ball is a lot of fun and Tiny M likes it too.

The little ninjas had a christmas party this week and that's where I discovered these cookies and of course had to try them immediately. They are easy to make, no baking involved and kids and adults like it in equal measures.

12 oreo cookies
1 small bottle of maraschino cherries
12 hershey's kisses
4-5 tblpoons chocolate chips (I had 50% cacao and used that)
2-3 tblspoon milk
1 tbspoon water
food color tube
handful of sliced almonds

Take about 12-13 maraschino cherries from bottle and dry them on a paper towel.

For the base of the cookies, take the top of the oreo cookies out and set the cream side on a tray.

Take the food color tube and make small dots (eyes) on Hershey's kisses making sure the tip is facing you.

Now, put the chocolate chips in a small glass bowl, add the milk, water and microwave it in 30 second intervals and mix the chocolate well. Repeat till it all chocolate melts and is a smooth consistency. It can take anywhere between 1 1/2 minute to 21/2 minute depending on your microwave.

Dip one cherry in the chocolate mix and set it on top of a oreo cream cookie with the stem facing out and up. Then dip the flat side of Hershey's kisses and stick it to the cherry. Take a couple of almond slices. Dip little bit in chocolate and slide in in between the Hershey's and cherry. Be careful that it all stays together till it dries.
Mouse cookies

Repeat it for all dozen cookies.

Let it set and it's ready - dessert for your holiday party or perfect for cookie exchange.

Have a  wonderful holiday season.

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