August 18, 2015

Thank you kitchen!

It was unusually quiet on the blog last month, but it was frantic at home. Things flying, toys being put in boxes. Spices, food jars, some that even I didn't recognize, being evaluated to see if they would be moving.

Yes, we're moving houses, moving the kitchen one house to another in Ann Arbor.

Before we pack our bags and move, I want to say thank you to my kitchen that has sustained us for six years.

This is place where I brought my two sons home, pureed, mashed, froze and fed them their first baby food. This is the place where cupcakes, cakes and popsicles were conceived, experimented, baked and eaten.

This is the place we called home, with crayon marks on the wall, scrape marks from bumps and toys; with familiar corners, comfort zones and mess. Yes, it was a warm, messy house. 

It was our first house, so it was very special. It was made all the more special because my MIL and my parents shared recipes, cooked our favorite dishes in this kitchen, recipes that I've noted down and shared on the blog.

It has seen friends and family come together for quick meals, impromptu get togethers and festival dinners.

In short, it has sustained us, fed us and nourished us year after year.

Now it's time to say goodbye and set up in the new place.

The next recipes will be coming from the new kitchen. We can only hope that the new place will  nurture and adapt us too and bring joy, learning and comfort as the previous one did.


  1. Congrats, Mandira! Take your wonderful memories with you and make even more special ones in your new kitchen! Much love to all of you!

  2. Congrats! I remember a few wonderful meals in that kitchen - too few unfortunately because of our distance. Best to you and the family in your new home.

  3. By the way - for some reason - Cupcake 101 is me - Lynne Bader. Hmmmm

    1. Well that clears it up :) you will have to come see the new place. Hopefully soon?

  4. Steph6:13 PM

    I just went through the move too! Better to toss all the old spices. My food tastes so much better with the brand new now

    1. I did for most, but held on to a few precious ones. :)


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