September 23, 2015

Lau er shukto in the middle of a move

Lau er shukto

The last week before the move was particularly hectic. We were trying to get the new house clean and set up the kitchen before the movers came. Having parents who would spend time with the kids, and also have a delicious hot meal when one comes home tired and sweaty was a blessing.

It becomes even more special when when my mother made this lau-er shukto. Eating it with hot rice,  I had to ask her the recipe and note it down for the blog.

She said that typically this dish is made with shiuli leaves, which are bitter. Since we didn't have it, we substituted it with  karela or bitter melon.

The bori (lentil dumplings) in this are usually matar dal er bori and again, I substituted it with regular ones that were in the pantry.

It makes for the perfect first course.

1 medium sized opo squash (lau) chopped in 1" cubes
1 bitter melon- sliced thinly
8-10 bori (lentil dumplings)

1/2 tspoon mustard and fenugreek seeds
1 tspoon ginger grated
1 tspoon poppy seeds and 1/2 tspoon mustard seeds - for paste
1/4 cup milk
1/2 tspoon sugar
salt to taste
4 tbspoon oil

Soak the chopped squash in water.

Fry the bittermelon or karela and the bori (lentil dumplings) and keep it aside.

Heat oil in a deep pan and then temper it with fenugreek and mustard seeds. Then add the ginger paste. Immediately after add the lau/squash.

Add salt and stir, the cook it with closed lid for 5-7 minutes. Then add the poppy seed, mustard paste and the sugar.

Lau er shukto

Add 2-4 tbspoon water if necessary. At the same time add the karela and the bori and cook it in medium heat till the squash is cooked.

Serve with rice at room temperature.

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