October 21, 2015

Green chickpeas and sausage curry

Green chana and sausage

It's Durga pujo time. My Facebook feed is full with pictures of Durga pandals and idols from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata. How things have changes in just a few years!

When I first came to the U.S., I used to long to see dugga thakur from home. Now I am able to see different pratimas (idols) and be a virtual participant in the pujo, see the saaj goj, the food, and the pandals.

Aswin's had a couple of deaths in his family, so we are not celebrating this year. It is going to be a quiet pujo for us.

I want to share the recipe I made for Kerrytown Project last month - green chickpeas with sausage curry.

When I found the green chickpeas at Patel brothers, I knew I wanted to make it for sampling at Kerrytown. So I bought a few pounds. Then, the question was to cook it with ground meat or not. I decided against ground meat and went with sausages instead as it complemented the juicy, crunchy chickpeas.

It was quite a hit, I'm told. Verdict: Sold Out

October 01, 2015

Making fruit roll ups for new school year

Making fruit roll ups

Lil A is settling in kindergarten and Tiny M is not full time in daycare/pre-school. They are settling down well. They come home with stories of what they did, who their new buddies are and what was the fun part of the day. They also come home tired and sometimes cranky.

What worked in pre-school for Lil A doesn't work anymore. So I have been looking for snack and or lunch ideas for them.

It was during this time, I came across the idea of making a fruit roll up for snack. It's rather simple. The first time they tasted, they didn't like it. But I think it is growing on them.

I also popped some pop corn at home. Add a little bit of coconut oil with the kernels and you will be amazed at how crisp the popcorn is. I loved it and so did Tiny M. I think we finished the first batch between us :)

Here is the recipe for the fruit roll up.


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