October 01, 2015

Making fruit roll ups for new school year

Making fruit roll ups

Lil A is settling in kindergarten and Tiny M is not full time in daycare/pre-school. They are settling down well. They come home with stories of what they did, who their new buddies are and what was the fun part of the day. They also come home tired and sometimes cranky.

What worked in pre-school for Lil A doesn't work anymore. So I have been looking for snack and or lunch ideas for them.

It was during this time, I came across the idea of making a fruit roll up for snack. It's rather simple. The first time they tasted, they didn't like it. But I think it is growing on them.

I also popped some pop corn at home. Add a little bit of coconut oil with the kernels and you will be amazed at how crisp the popcorn is. I loved it and so did Tiny M. I think we finished the first batch between us :)

Here is the recipe for the fruit roll up.

4 plums halved (I used plums, but really you can make it with anything, strawberries to pears)
2 tbspoon water

Heat the oven to 350degF and bake the halved plums for 20 minutes or so till they cook.

Take the peel off and mash them with your hands and add it in the blender with sugar and little bit water. The lesser the water, the quicker the roll up will dry.

Making fruit roll ups
Take a parchment paper and put it over a tray and add the pureed plums on a thin layer. This is where it can be tricky. You want a layer, not too thin, not too thick and you can see I'm still working on it.

If you have a dehydrator, put this in. I didn't and the lowest my oven goes is 170 deg F. So I put it in 170 deg F and added a wooden spatula at the door to keep it open. I kept it in the oven for 90 minutes and then let it dry outside overnight. It was ready in the morning. The middle took till afternoon to dry completely.

Making fruit roll ups
It's ready. Cut long strips and enjoy!


  1. Woow..so nice..it looks like Amsotto or aampaoad

    1. Thanks Moumita, exactly like aamsotto, but with a different fruit. :)

  2. such a cool idea!


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