June 11, 2016

Trying out Blue Apron - A review

I have been reading about the new trend of meal delivery service pre-portioned with all the ingredients and was curious to try one out. So when a friend gave us a coupon to try Blue Apron, we heartily agreed. And here is what I thought of it.

Before I begin, this is NOT a paid review.

We signed up for two meals for four priced at around $69.99.

A Primer:

Blue Apron, is a nation wide food delivery service that sends pre-portioned meals with recipe cards and all the ingredients. They post their menu in advance so you can choose your meals.

We ordered:
  • Oven roasted chicken and mixed mushrooms
  • Catfish piccata with linguine and spinach


Thumbs up to:

Trying out Blue Apron

  • The ingredients for the meal arrived promptly in a well packaged box. It had ice packs and all the ingredients looked fresh and was sealed. They kept well for a week in the fridge with no problem.

Trying out Blue Apron

  • They include everything.Yes everything, from flour to dust the fish in, to half a stick of butter the dish calls for, from cloves of garlic to a tiny bottle of sherry vinegar needed for the recipe. 

Trying out Blue Apron

  • The step by step recipe card:The step by step pictorial recipe card is easy to follow. One friend recently mentioned that even her husband who is not a cook has been cooking following the recipe cards. They leave nothing unsaid. 
Trying out Blue Apron

  • The multi-use of one pan: A lot of their recipe called for using the same pan for many things. For example, browning the chicken, then sauteing the kale and then making the sauce that goes on top of the dish. It felt economical and also built flavor even though it may take a little longer.
Trying out Blue Apron
  • Trying out new recipes: It took us out of our routine and gave us a new recipe to try. We loved the chicken with kale and mushrooms and are sure to try it again. The linguine with catfish? Not so much, but it did change things up during that week.

Thumbs down to:

  • Limited choices: Our family has food restrictions - food allergies and then food we don't eat. When we  narrowed it all down, there were only a few choices that we could select from.
  • Steep price:  The two meals cost us 70 dollars. That was pretty steep price point for two meals unless you are going out. Local grocery stores might have similar or semi prepared meals for less or same amount

Trying out Blue Apron

  • Recipes can be hit or miss too: The chicken was delicious. I wouldn't have put orange in that combination and it turned out great. But we were not too fond of the catfish piccata. I had high hopes from the dish (having tried out chicken first) and made it for dinner with friends. It turned out okay. 
  • An occasional user tab: I wish they add an occasional user tab too. I am sure to come back and try it once in a while. I can't justify a weekly order for my budget.


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