December 06, 2016

Roasted butternut squash and onions

Roasted butternut squash with onions

It is the season you know, for butternut squash. While the offerings in the Farmer's market are dwindling here, but you can still find a good butternut squash for $1 or $2. I have tried it baked, in soup and was ready for something new.

This past week, I was working on a story about an Indian poet and someone commented about his work, "the genius of this music is it has simple individual parts, but when it comes together it is modern and complex."

I would like to say the same thing for this dish by Ottolenghi that has been our companion multiple times. Don't be deceived by the simpleness of the dish. It will be the star of your table and what better time to make it than Christmas dinner.

Some adjustments we did on our end -- instead of chunks of squash and onions, we make them thinner like fries and it can double up as a starter as well. We opted out of the pine nuts, but you can easily toast some and add them on top.

Here is the recipe.


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