December 25, 2018

Millionaire's shortbread for cookie exchange

Millionaire's shortbread

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying their break.

We had a cookie exchange in our neighborhood earlier this month and this year, I decided to make something different.

You see, the favorite show for us to watch together now a days is the Great British Bake Off. Lil A and Tiny M are into it too and together we found ourselves cheering for Nadiya Hussain from episode one. Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are rubbing off on them and they are becoming quite the judges when it comes to baked goodies.

In fact, when I take them grocery shopping now, they stop in the bread aisle checking breads with sentences like "yes, this sounds hollow", "what temperature was this cooked at," etc.

So we had to make something special and something British for the cookie exchange. We settled on millionaire's shortbread.

It was also my first time making caramel and I learned that light brown sugar make the caramel light, better to stick with the dark brown sugar.

I followed the recipe from America's Test Kitchen, modifying it a bit to my needs.  It came out quite well.


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