January 03, 2019

Boiled eggs in instant pot

Instant pot boiled-eggs

Happy new year everyone.  Hope your new year has started well. Are you working on any new resolutions in 2019? 

I do intend to set some goals, write some intentions for the coming year, but not setting any resolutions. I feel some of the best things happened when I was no thinking about them, they were not on my list. So this year, I am opening myself to possibilities with some goals. 

Let's see how it goes.  

Coming back to this recipe, I didn't think of it as a recipe. But in the last week, I feel we have give this recipe to atleast 3-4 friends so writing it down to share with more friends.

We got the instant pot about a year and a half ago. When we got it, Aswin immediately started using it and I ignored it for a while, a little intimidated.

Slowly, I started warming up to it, even joined a couple of recipe groups and tried different recipes, getting comfortable with it.

Over the course of last year I have made chicken chili, palak paneer, rice, sambar, chole, hummus, and egg curry.  This winter I am using it for yogurt as well.

But what I love the most are the boiled eggs made in the instant pot.  Over the last year, Aswin has perfected his method - 5 minutes for boiled eggs, 8 minutes for hard boiled recipe.

Here is how he does it:


6 boiled eggs
1 cup water
1 bowl iced water

Put the water and then the eggs on a tray in the instant pot.

Set the instant pot on manual setting for 5 minutes.  Then let it sit in the instant pot for another 5 minutes before the release. Open the instant pot.

Then take the tray with the eggs out and drop them in the bowl of iced water. Let it sit for a minute and then peel the eggs.

Deviled eggs desi style

They are ready to eat. We made some desi-style deviled eggs with this batch.

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