About us

Us is Aswin and Mandira and we have been blogging about food for seven years now. It took us more than six years to create this page.

When we started the blog in 2006, we were in Buffalo, New York. We moved in 2007, and since then, Ahaar is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

This blog is our journal, a way to track and showcase our adventures in home cooking. Since we started blogging we have had two little additions in the family - Lil A and then Tiny M. The blog has been a great way to map the way our taste and cooking has changed over the years to accommodate it all.

So, whether we are cooking Bengali, Tanjore Marathi or kid-friendly recipes, the attempt is to do easy to cook, healthy meals.

We take inspiration from our parents, friends, foodies and ingredients for the meals we cook.  So browse through our recipes, engage in a conversation, and be a part of the foodie community.

Without your comments, feedback, suggestions and encouraging words, this blog would not have survived all these years. So keep them coming!

If you are trying to reach us, please send an e-mail to ahaarmail@gmail.com. Thank you!


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  2. Nice pic, Mandira. You look good.

  3. Beautiful pic Mandira of you both.

  4. How lovely to see you both after all this time!! I am one of your followers from a long time back; though I have been absent for awhile, I've never forgotten you ;)

    Hoping we'll meet in person when I make a trip 'downstate' for curry leaves!!

    All the best to you and your little ones...


    1. So nice Linda that we are in the same state now. You will have to tell me when you are coming downstate. :)


Hello and welcome to Ahaar. We have been cooking and posting recipes for more than a decade now. We love to hear from you -- your comments and feedback. Please keep it coming.
Happy browsing.


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